Our Products and Services are Available to All Members of the Public Regardless of Race, Gender, or Sexual Orientation.


Arkadiy’s Barber Shop understands just how much your haircut means to you – and what it conveys to others. Our haircuts, irrespective of length, density or shades of gray, represent our personal brand, the bad-ass message we’re sending out to the world. Samson, bless his heart, got it wrong. It’s not our hair that gives us strength, so much as what we do with it…our own particular cut and style.

Whether you like yours tight and neat – returning for a weekly cleanup with military precision, or you want it messy, cropped, buzzed, spiked, wicked long, in a loose pompadour, or shaved down to a shiny scalp, Arkadiy’s talented barbers will help you tell your story in style. Maybe you're about to attend an important function, hit that big job interview, meet that hot date or chill on the weekend with friends in the Hamptons – whatever the occasion, Ari and staff take the time to understand your particular concerns, listening carefully then cutting accordingly, keeping on your specific message to ensure you look and feel your best. Arkadiy's proudly serves customers of every ethnicity and the LBGTQ community.


Ari Sosonov grew up in Samarkand, Uzbekistan where he first honed his precision cutting skills on fine cloth as a bespoke tailor before taking on an apprenticeship in the local barbershop where he would master the art of cutting hair. Talent with scissors runs in the genes apparently because his older brother Rafik followed Ari’s lead, becoming a master tailor who would later make the transition to cutting hair in Long Island, New York. Upon arriving in New York City in the late 90’s, Ari again took up the cloth so to speak, working as a tailor for Barbra Matera, a legendary costume designer who began her career at the Royal Opera House in London before gracing the stages of Broadway with her craft. After working for Barbra for over 5 years on massive Broadway hits including The Lion King, Cats, Chicago, 42nd Street, Les Miserables, Anastasia and many more, Ari opened up Arkadiy Barber Shop at its original location on west 52nd Street off 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen in November of 2004.

"I’m the genius with hair… but don’t tell him I said that,” he quickly adds. So, you know, let’s keep that between us."

Building a dedicated base of repeat and referral clients due to his keen eye, exacting attention to detail and down-to-earth nature, Ari expanded into a larger space just around the corner at 774 9th Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets in March of 2019. When pressed Ari will admit that his older brother Rafik is the more gifted tailor of the two, “he’s a genius with cloth,” he says.

When pressed further, Ari will admit he edges his gifted brother out when the shears are put to hair… “just by a bit” he says. “That much,” he clarifies with thumb and forefinger slightly spread. “I’m the genius with hair… but don’t tell him I said that,” he quickly adds. So, you know, let’s keep that between us.

Arkadiy Sosonov with regular weekend client.



Quality Haircuts & Hairstyles

Ari and staff are skilled craftsmen to be sure, but more importantly they pride themselves on listening. You know what you want in a haircut and Arkadiy’s barbers take the time to understand your concerns and cut accordingly. Perhaps you're feeling adventurous and want to mix it up a bit – just give us the word. We stay on top of all the latest trends and will provide you with plenty of options to help you find the cut or style that speaks to you.

Shampoo & Wash

In our fast-paced world of tweets and texts, slow it down a bit with a warm, refreshing hair wash prior to your precision haircut. If you're feeling particularly glamorous, you can imagine your shampoo and wash is a fancy-schmancy scalp massage - with bubbles...but we're still gonna call it a wash.

Hot Lather Straight-Razor Shaves

Got an important function? Treat yourself to a super-close, super-clean straight razor shave. You won’t believe the difference a single straight razor can make in the right hands – you’ll forever wonder why you pay 40 bucks for those 5-bladed razor rip-offs when one blade gets it done so much better.

What our customers say

"Hypnotically thorough. Friendly and professional. Reasonable rates. Ain't no love like Ary cutting a straight line on ya girl's head. 💝"

Love it for 15 years. They just moved around the corner to new location at 9 Avenue going south on the east side of the street , between 52nd and 51st Street. Once you go there for the first time, you will not be looking for another barber shop ever!

Arkadiy is the Best!! I've been coming for years. I live in CT. I stop by before work. Dont need to mention the type of cut I want. All l need to do is come in, sit and he does all the work. Highly recommend!!!